General facts


Area   872 km², 1 country town, 82 villages    
Population   6557 (1.07.2017)
Males   3311
Females   3246
Largest inhabited town   Märjamaa with 2692 inhabitants
Smallest   Koluta village with one inhabitant

Acknowledgment of Märjamaa municipality is: Honorable Citizen of Märjamaa municipality; Merit Badge of Märjamaa municipality; Merit Plate of Märjamaa municipality; Certificate of Honour of Märjamaa municipality.

Merit Badge of Märjamaa municipality is Maarjarist. There are two classes of Maarjarist: 1st class – kuldrist (Golden Cross) and 2nd class – hõberist (Silver Cross).


Märjamaa municipality is publishing weekly newspaper - Märjamaa Nädalaleht - and a calendar once a year.

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         Coat of arms                                                                  Flag

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Märjamaa Gümnaasium (High School, 12 grades)                                 

Address: Tamme tee 1, Märjamaa 78301, Rapla mk, Estonia
Phone: +372 489 8860                                         Director Andres Elmik, phone: +372 489 8861,

Valgu Põhikool (Comprehensive School, 9 grades)
Adress: Valgu, Märjamaa vald 78204, Rapamaa, Estonia
Director Ants Riismaa
Phone: + 372 482 8730; +372 522 7167

Varbola Lasteaed-Algkool (Grade school-kindergarten, 6 grades)
Address: Varbola, Märjamaa vald 78203, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Lea Lauri
Phone: +372 482 7310

Märjamaa Muusika- ja Kunstikool (Music and Art School)
Address: Pihlaka 2, Märjamaa, Raplamaa, Estonia
Phone: +372 482 1627
Director: Maiu Linnamägi, phone: +372 5340 8255

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Kasti Lasteaed Karikakar                                                                                 
Address: Kasti, Märjamaa vald 78202, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Lea Lauri
Phone: +372 482 6764

Märjamaa Lasteaed Pillerpall
Address: Pärna 1, Märjamaa 78301,   Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Ene Mätas
Phone: +372 482 1547

Sipa-Laukna Lasteaed 
Address: Sipa, Märjamaa vald 78102
Director: Katrin Jaik
Phone in Sipa: +372 482 5468
Phone in Laukna: +372 482 9184
e-mail: sipa.lasteaed@marjamaa,

Valgu Põhikooli lasteaed
Address: Valgu, Märjamaa vald 78204
Director: Ants Riismaa
Phone: +372 482 8730; +372 512 8358; +372 482 8635

Orgita Lasteaed Midrimaa                       
Address: Orgita, Märjamaa vald 78313, Raplamaa, Estonia    
Director: Lea Lauri
Phone: +372 482 1379; +372 5854 0755

Varbola Lasteaed-Algkool 
Address: Varbola, Märjamaa vald 78203, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Eli Laaser
Phone: +372 482 7310

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Address: Pärnu mnt 56, Märjamaa, Raplamaa, Estonia     
Phone: + 372 482 1346, +372 56650136
Director: Ede Talistu
Phone: + 372 482 1984; +372 51960036


Haimre haruraamatukogu
Address: Moka küla, Märjamaa vald 78236, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Ada Mitt
Phone: +372 482 6748e-mail:

Laukna haruraamatukogu
Address: Laukna küla, Märjamaa vald 78101, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Edith Alasi
Phone: +372 482 9235

Sipa haruraamatukogu
Address: Sipa mõis, Sipa küla, Märjamaa vald 78102, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Urve Murumets
Phone: +372 482 5433

Teenuse haruraamatukogu
Address: Teenuse mõis, Teenuse küla, Märjamaa vald 78103, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Helle Rehepapp
Phone: +372 482 5219

Valgu haruraamatukogu                   

Address: Valgu küla, Märjamaa vald 78204, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Vilma Terve
Phone: +372 482 8734

Varbola haruraamatukogu                   
Address: Varbola küla, Märjamaa vald 78203, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian: Monika Kase
Phone: +372 4827394; +372 53019105

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Sillaotsa Farm Museum


Address: Veski küla, Märjamaa vald 78261, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Kalju Idvand
Phone: +372 489 7764; +372 5397 9308; +372 5348 4660
Open: May 1st – August 31st every day 10.00-17.00, closed on public holidays
           September 1st – April 30th from Monday till Friday 10.00 – 17.00, Saturday and Sunday on request 

To visit the Farm Museum, you need at least 2 hours.

It is preferable that groups book the time for the visit.

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Community Centers


Märjamaa Valla rahvamaja      


Address: Sauna 2. Märjamaa 78301, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Merle Voolaid
Phone: +372 482 1355; +372 4820075; +372 5656 4614; +372 482 1150 cinema);
              +372 482 0074 (Cafe)

Haimre rahvamaja

Address: Moka küla, Märjamaa vald 78236, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Eha Kaljusaar
Phone: +372 482 6680; +372 5561 6926

Russalu Külakeskus

Address: Russalu küla, Märjamaa vald 78317, Raplamaa, Estonia

Sulu Külakeskus
Address: Sulu küla, Märjamaa vald 78253, Raplamaa, Estonia

Valgu Rahvamaja      

Address: Valgu küla, Märjamaa vald 78204 
Director: Mervi Vaarmann           

Phone: +372 482 8798; +372 5302 1959             

Varbola Rahvamaja
Address: Varbola küla, Märjamaa vald 78203, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director: Piret Linnamägi
Phone: +372 5309 0366

Velise Seltsimaja
Address: Velise küla, Märjamaa vald 78201
Phone: +372 5346 73 66

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Cinema "Helk"


Address: Sauna 2, Märjamaa vald 78304, Raplamaa, Estonia    
Phone: +372 482 1150; +372 558 6429
Cinema projectionist: Hans Veimann

The cinema was probably opened in 1934 or a year before according to a photo taken in 1934 showing a cinema advertisement. The Märjamaa cinema was located in the building belonging to the Defence League. The building itself has not been preserved. Movies have been shown in several different places, even on the Song Festival ground because the movie theatre could not accommodate every interested person (this happened on the opening night of "Tarzan").

The movies were shown 5-6 days in a week during the Soviet ocupation; and there were weeks when movies were shown every day. At first there were two film sessions in a day; and later there were more. There were 4-5 routes in the municpality, each with 2-3 stops to show movies. The record breaking movie was "Sound of Music" in 1972.

Since 1967 the cinema has been located in the Community Centre. After a complete rebuilding of the cinema in 2008 it was opened to the public again on January 23rd 2009.

Nowadays there are no movie tours, but sometimes arrangements are made to show a movie in Pärnu-Jaagupi.

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Church and congregation


There are two churches on the territory of Märjamaa municipality: Märjamaa St. Mary's Lutheran Church and Velise St. John the Baptist Apostolic Orthodox Church.

Märjamaa St. Mary's Lutheran Church
Address: Pärnu mnt 26, Märjamaa 78301, Raplamaa, Estonia
Pastor: Illimar Toomet
Phone: +372 511 8419

Velise St. John the Baptist Apostolic Orthodox Church
Address: Velise küla, Märjamaa vald 78201
Congregation leader: Jüri Kusmin
Phone: +372 5397 9308                                                        

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Taditional Events


February 23rd     Independence Day Celebrations
March 8th            Women's Day Concert Men only on the Stage in the Community Center of Märjamaa
May                       Spring Fair in Märjamaa
                              Big Spring Concert in the Community Centre of Märjamaa
                              Silver Spoon Party for the youngsters of the Märjamaa municipality
                              Green Fair in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
                              Museum Night in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
                              Whitsun Party in Sillaotsa birch grove
June 23rd             Midsummer Market and Midsummer Evening in Märjamaa
July                        Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
July-August           Märjamaa Folk Festival and Märjamaa Day
August                  Varbola Wood Days
August 20th         End of Summer Fair in Märjamaa
September           Autumn Exhibition
                               Michaelmas in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
November            Silver Spoon Party for the youngsters of the Märjamaa municipality
December            Traditional End of the Year Ball

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