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Märjamaa municipality is located on the low plain of Western Estonia reaching from the border of Pärnumaa and Läänemaa to the Harjumaa. Area of the municipality is 1141,8 km². The municipality is divided by the tributaries of Western Estonia's water-richest river Kasari and it is covered with forests, woodlands, bogs and fields alternated with scattered villages hidden between the gardens and primeval trees. The center of the municipality is Märjamaa country town located at the road from Tallinn to Pärnu, the distance to either city is a little over 60 kilometers.

River Kasari in Russalu

     Märjamaa country town

The local nature is influenced by the Silurian and Ordovician limestone bedrock denuded as Raikküla stratum which layers reach the dictyonema slate at a depth of more than 200 m. Low water lakes that appear in spring and sometimes in fall on the woodlands near Märjamaa town are quite unusual and called järtad by the locals. They can disappear overnight as the water drains through the cracks in the limestone. The layers of soil filter it to the ground water or it will ooze to the surface as a spring. The layer of soil above the limestone is very thin and sensitive to the drought but very fertile as an arable land and is beneficial for different kind of orchids, the most well-known are the lady's slippers and the butterfly orchids what the locals call "the violins of the night".

Märjamaa järtad

Lady's slippers

The alvar is a rare surface form in Northern Europe and it is found only in Åland Islands, Gotland and Öland. In Estonia there are alvars in surroundings of Kostivere and Jõelähtme (Harjumaa) and in Sõtke near Märjamaa. It is an open area without any soil where the limestone ground is flat like a floor covered with lichen, golden clumps of stonecrop and pink patches of thyme, with some tufts of fescue mixed in. Estonian name for alvar is loopealne. It is quite remarkable that the word is used as a geographic name in Märjamaa: the area of denuded limestone between the fields is called Sõtke Loopealne.

The history of Märjamaa goes back to the early Stone Age. The higher limestone grounds and river banks have been inhabited for almost ten thousand years. Archaeological finds include primitive hewn stone axes found near Vigala River and the circular mound in Sõtke date back to a very distant period. Konuvere hill-fort, which stronghold was burned down in the first millennium of our era and the archaeological findings from Haimre and the burial sites in Moka and Maidla bear witness to an ancient settlement. The Estonians had cultivated fertile fields and large herds in ancient time according to the chronicles, the goods and money were exchanged with the neighbors and other counties. The ancient pilgrimages and later trade and connecting routes starting in the North from Paldiski, Rävala and Harjumaa, in the West from Haapsalu, Ridala and Lihula heading inland all crossed this region near Läänemaa for centuries.

The Estonians lost the fight for freedom and the uprising against the usurpers in the XIII-XIV centuries after fighting until not even one boy taller than küünar (an ancient unit of length close to 0,5 meters) remained as the edlers of the Estonians had sworn. The Estonians lost the ancient freedom and were enslaved for centuries. The foreigners built a fortified church at the crossroads of ancient routes to defend their property and maintain their control and power. The church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was first mentioned in written chronicles in 1364 and presumably gave the name to the parish and the church hamlet.

Märjamaa St. Mary's Lutheran Church

In the middle of the XIX century the village began to evolve into a small town. The transport of goods and mail was increasing, the pubs were built by several manors, a school, a telegraph, a hospital and a drugstore were founded. There was a parish house and several stores in the small town with the post office and other public offices opened later. The condition of the roads was improving and the stone bridges were built in Konuvere and Sipa. The first is pictured on the coat of arms of Märjamaa municipality.

Mail office (before 1930)

Fire station in 1934

The decade of the 1930's  could be considered the golden age of Märjamaa when Tallinn- Rapla-Virtsu railroad was opened in 1931. Lääne-Eesti Ühispank located in Märjamaa was the largest bank in the country. The farms were becoming richer and the demand for agricultural produce was increasing. The connection with Tallinn was better and traveling easier. The cultural life was very active throughout the municipality – there were education societies, volunteer fire departments and the Defense League in the region. The up to date building of the elementary school was constructed in 1940.

The still growing development of culture and the economy in the Estonian Republic was constrained by the invasion of the Red Army. That was followed by the enforced proclamation of Estonian SSR and the war a year later when German occupation occurred and then the return of the Red Army.

The violent soviet regime lasted in Estonia for 50 years. The rebuilding of the Estonian Republic what was made possible by the victory in the the War of Independence by our grandfathers 95 years ago, has been going on during the 20 years following the liberation in the year 1991. The rebuilding now is in the hands of our young generation and they will determine how the task established back then will be achieved at the 100thanniversary of our Republic and later.

In 2014 Märjamaa - the center of our municipality - celebrated its 650th anniversary.


Writer and honorable citizen of Märjamaa Harri Jõgisalu (1922-2014)

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General facts


Area   1163,52 km², 1 country town, 112 villages    
Population   7419 (1.11.2020)
Males   3749
Females   3670
Largest inhabited town   Märjamaa with 2565 inhabitants



Acknowledgment of Märjamaa municipality is: Honorable Citizen of Märjamaa municipality; Merit Badge of Märjamaa municipality; Merit Plate of Märjamaa municipality; Certificate of Honour of Märjamaa municipality.

Merit Badge of Märjamaa municipality is Maarjarist. There are two classes of Maarjarist: 1st class – kuldrist (Golden Cross) and 2nd class – hõberist (Silver Cross).


Märjamaa municipality is publishing weekly newspaper - Märjamaa Nädalaleht - and a calendar once a year.

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         Coat of arms                                                                  Flag

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Märjamaa Gümnaasium (High School, 12 grades)                                 

Tamme tee 1, Märjamaa, 78301 Rapla mk, Estonia
+372 489 8860                                         Director Andres Elmik, +372 489 8861, aelmik@hot.ee

Valgu Põhikool (Comprehensive School, 9 grades)
Valgu, Märjamaa vald, 78204 Rapamaa, Estonia
Director Ants Riismaa
+ 372 482 8730; +372 522 7167

Kivi-Vigala Põhikool (comprehensive School, 9 grades)
Kooli 6, Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Kristine Niit
+372 482 0096; +372 482 5696

Vana-Vigala Põhikool (Comprehensive School, 9 grades)
Hariduse 4, Vana-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78003 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Margit Liira
+372 482 4582, +372 482 4586

Varbola Lasteaed-Algkool (Grade school-kindergarten, 6 grades)
Varbola, Märjamaa vald, 78203 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Lea Lauri
+372 482 7310

Märjamaa Muusika- ja Kunstikool (Music and Art School)
Pihlaka 2, Märjamaa, 78302 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Maiu Linnamägi, +372 5340 8255
+372 482 1627

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Kasti Lasteaed Karikakar                                                                                 
Kasti, Märjamaa vald, 78202 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Lea Lauri
+372 482 6764

Kivi-Vigala Lasteaed Pääsulind
Lasteaia 3, Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Kristine Niit
+372 482 5679

Märjamaa Lasteaed Pillerpall
Pärna 1, Märjamaa, 78301 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Ene Mätas
+372 482 1547

Orgita Lasteaed Midrimaa                       
Orgita, Märjamaa vald, 78313 Raplamaa, Estonia    
Director Lea Lauri
+372 482 1379; +372 5854 0755

Sipa-Laukna Lasteaed 
Sipa, Märjamaa vald, 78102 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Katrin Jaik
+372 482 5468 in Sipa
+372 482 9184 in Laukna

Valgu Põhikooli lasteaed
Valgu, Märjamaa vald, 78204 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Ants Riismaa
+372 482 8730; +372 512 8358; +372 482 8635

Vana-Vigala Lasteaed
Lauluväljaku 2, Vana-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78003 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Ave Lazarev
+372 482 4516

Varbola Lasteaed-Algkool 
Varbola, Märjamaa vald, 78203 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Eli Laaser
+372 482 7310

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Pärnu mnt 56, Märjamaa, Raplamaa, Estonia     
+ 372 482 1346, +372 56650136
Director: Ede Talistu
+ 372 482 1984; +372 51960036


Haimre haruraamatukogu
Moka küla, Märjamaa vald 78236, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Ada Mitt
+372 482 6748

Laukna haruraamatukogu
Laukna küla, Märjamaa vald 78101, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Edith Alasi
+372 482 9235

Sipa haruraamatukogu
Sipa mõis, Sipa küla, Märjamaa vald 78102, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Urve Murumets
+372 482 5433

Teenuse haruraamatukogu
Teenuse mõis, Teenuse küla, Märjamaa vald 78103, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Helle Rehepapp
+372 482 5219

Valgu haruraamatukogu                   

Valgu küla, Märjamaa vald 78204, Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Vilma Terve
+372 482 8734

Varbola haruraamatukogu                   
Varbola küla, Märjamaa vald, 78203 Raplamaa, Estonia
Librarian Monika Kase
+372 4827394; +372 53019105


Lasteaia 3, Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Meili Andreller
+372 482 5622

Jaama 23, Vana-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78003 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Mare Ülemaantee
+372 482 4419

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Sillaotsa Farm Museum


Veski küla, Märjamaa vald 78261, Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Kalju Idvand
+372 489 7764; +372 5397 9308; +372 5348 4660

Open: May 1st – August 31st every day 10.00-17.00, closed on public holidays
           September 1st – April 30th from Monday till Friday 10.00 – 17.00, Saturday and Sunday on request 

To visit the Farm Museum, you need at least 2 hours.

It is preferable that groups book the time for the visit.

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Community Centers


Märjamaa Valla Rahvamaja

Märjamaa Valla Rahvamaja
Sauna 2. Märjamaa, 78301 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Merle Voolaid
+372 482 1355; +372 4820075; +372 5656 4614; +372 482 1150 cinema); +372 482 0074 (Cafe)


Haimre rahvamaja
Moka küla, Märjamaa vald, 78236 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Eha Kaljusaar
+372 482 6680; +372 5561 6926

Haimre rahvamaja


Kivi-Vigala Rahvamaja
Kiriku tee 4, Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Hreli Lints
+372 482 5681, +372 520 2436


Russalu Külakeskus
Russalu küla, Märjamaa vald 78317, Raplamaa, Estonia


Sulu Külakeskus
Address: Sulu küla, Märjamaa vald 78253, Raplamaa, Estonia


Valgu Rahvamaja      
Valgu küla, Märjamaa vald, 78204 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Mervi Vaarmann           
+372 482 8798; +372 5302 1959


Vana-Vigala Rahvamaja
Jaama 21, vana-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78003 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Astra Põlma
+372 482 4581 +372 5565 8763


Varbola Rahvamaja
Varbola küla, Märjamaa vald, 78203 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Piret Linnamägi
+372 5309 0366

Varbola rahvamaja


Velise Seltsimaja
Velise küla, Märjamaa vald 78201
+372 5346 73 66


Vigala Küladekeskus
Kooli 2, Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 78001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Director Heli Lints
+372 482 5681; +372 520 2436

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Cinema "Helk"


Sauna 2, Märjamaa vald 78304, Raplamaa, Estonia    
+372 482 1150, +372 558 6429
Cinema projectionist: Hans Veimann


The cinema was probably opened in 1934 or a year before according to a photo taken in 1934 showing a cinema advertisement. The Märjamaa cinema was located in the building belonging to the Defence League. The building itself has not been preserved. Movies have been shown in several different places, even on the Song Festival ground because the movie theatre could not accommodate every interested person (this happened on the opening night of "Tarzan").

The movies were shown 5-6 days in a week during the Soviet ocupation; and there were weeks when movies were shown every day. At first there were two film sessions in a day; and later there were more. There were 4-5 routes in the municpality, each with 2-3 stops to show movies. The record breaking movie was "Sound of Music" in 1972.

Since 1967 the cinema has been located in the Community Centre. After a complete rebuilding of the cinema in 2008 it was opened to the public again on January 23rd 2009.

Nowadays there are no movie tours, but sometimes arrangements are made to show a movie in Pärnu-Jaagupi.

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Church and Congregation


There are three churches on the territory of Märjamaa municipality: Märjamaa St. Mary's Lutheran Church, Vigala St. Mary's Lutheran Church and Velise St. John the Baptist Apostolic Orthodox Church.

Märjamaa St. Mary's Lutheran Church
Pärnu mnt 26, Märjamaa, 78301 Raplamaa, Estonia
Pastor Illimar Toomet
+372 511 8419

Velise St. John the Baptist Apostolic Orthodox Church

Velise, Märjamaa vald, 78201 Raplamaa, Estonia
Congregation leader Jüri Kusmin
+372 5397 9308  

Vigala St. Mary's Lutheran Church
Kivi-Vigala, Märjamaa vald, 783001 Raplamaa, Estonia
Pastor Kristiina Jõgi
482 5690 või 5300 7075

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Events in 2018

January 1st  New Year's celebration in Märjamaa Community Center
February 2nd  Candlemas in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
February 23rd  Independence Day Reception in Märjamaa
February 24th  Conference of local history in Märjamaa 
March 8th  Women's Day Concert Men only on the Stage in Märjamaa Community Center
May 8th  Spring concert of Märjamaa Music and Art School
May 12th  Silver Spoon Party for the youngsters of Märjamaa municipality
May 15th  Concert of the first-graders of Märjamaa Music and Art School in Märjamaa Community Center
May  Annual Exhibition of Märjamaa Music and Art School in Märjamaa Community Center
May 19th  Museum Night in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
June 1st  Children's Day in Märjamaa
May 19th  XXXI Whitsun Party in Sillaotsa Farm Museum 
June 1st–August 31st  Summer reading project Summer Book 2018
June 23rd  Midsummer Fair and Midsummer Evening in Märjamaa
June 29th–30th  Hard Rock Camp in Vana-Vigala 
July 2nd  Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
The third weekend in July  Open Farm Day in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
July 30th–August 4th  Folklore Camp in Vana-Vigala
August 2nd–5th  XIII Märjamaa Folk Festival and XXI Märjamaa Days
August 4th  Heritage Day in Vana-Vigala
August 5th  Poti Fair in Vana-Vigala
August 7th–12th  XXII Varbola Wood Days
August 11th  Sports Day in Kivi-Vigala
August 15th  Rukkimaarjapäev (Assumption Day) in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
September 29th  Michaelmas in Sillaotsa Farm Museum
October 6th  Fair in Velise
October 10th  3rd discussion "Born with a Muse" in Märjamaa Library
October 20th  Märjamaa Music and Art Scool's 30th birthday in Märjamaa Community Center
October 20th–30th  Library Days
November 5th–9th  Ensemble Music Week in Märjamaa Music and Art School
November 10th  Silver Spoon Party for the youngsters of Märjamaa municipality
December 4th  Winter concert of Märjamaa Music and Art School
December  Christmas Party for the children of Märjamaa municipality
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